About me

I have always enjoyed having a sweet tooth and indulging far too much in food that was not good for me (chocolate was my weakness). This left me overweight and unhappy with my body for many years. By the time I got around to doing something about the excess weight I was feeling inspired to get into the best shape of my life. I began with cutting out foods that were heavily processed but I still had my cheat meals once or twice a week and was living very happily. Once I was at my goal weight I was able to maintain it which was the perfect outcome for me, but then I realised I had some hormonal issues, and after several doctors and specialists I was told the only outcome was for me to have Hormone Replacement Therapy, which has side effects of facial hair, weight gain, sweating, among other not so enticing symptoms, so I looked into wellness.

I wanted to know how I could nourish my body with food without having to resort to putting more chemicals and drugs into my body to sort myself out. I discovered green smoothies, green juices, raw diets, vegan diets, and all these other things I would never even have considered before. But I was serious and on a mission to make sure my body could be in a state to heal itself. From that day onward I decided to nourish my body with a plant-based diet, focusing on things that were grown from the Earth, eliminating anything that was manufactured and cutting back on meat. I also recently discovered the Eat Right For Your Type diet which focuses on foods which act like medicine for your particular blood group, and also avoiding foods which have no benefit or can even cause harm to your system.

I met with a beautiful and very supportive naturopath who directed me through this and I was excited at this new stage of life and what I could do with it.

I am heavily inspired by many Instagram accounts which I look at each and every day, giving me ideas for meals, opening my mind to new ways of preparing food and also allowing me to connect with others around the world who are on a similar to path to one I am taking.

I hope you can use some of the information I share on here to help you and guide you in a direction that is right for you. I’d love to hear all about you too, so please drop me a line and say hi sometime, I’d love that.


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